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This is Pastor Sam.

Come along with me and the GospelGunslingers as we explore what the BIBLE REALLY says about self-defense and self-government! 

Hear Pastor Sam's new worldwide radio show "LIVING BY THE SWORD" on WRMI 9.955 shortwave radio in the Caribbean all Central and South America.  You can listen online HERE at 5 PM Eastern US Time every Monday.  Did you miss a broadcast? The show archive is HERE.

Listen to Pastor Sam's Nephilim Series On Angel-Human Hybrids


If you already clicked above to get the daily 3-minute Bible study

and you would like  to go back to the foundational teachings of use of force

in the Bible,  the 99 original lessons are here:



Here are some of Pastor Sam's most controversial (and requested)

Bible teachings:

DID/MPD In the Bible AUDIO series with Monarch Programming Survivor Holly Baglio.


An older teaching of supreme importance

and often requested: 

The United States & Britain In Bible Prophecy (yes, they are there

...I'll prove it to you!)

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Pastor Sam Honnold

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Tulsa, OK 74136, USA

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