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Come along with me and the GospelGunslingers as we explore what the BIBLE REALLY says about self-defense and self-government! 


If you found this page, you probably already are a GospelGunslinger and concerned about keeping America free and great. Please watch the original 99 BIBLE Verse of the Day (VOTD) videos laying the Bible foundation for SELF DEFENSE AND SELF GOVERNMENT.  Important information & history of the Western Hemisphere and Latin America’s attempts to be free, in the spirit of 1776 is found. 


The BIBLE, full of stories of war, conquest, victory and persecution, has a lot to say about self-defense and self-government. Pastor Sam does too. Here's some GOOD PREACHING

I love America and I also love Mexico. I spend a lot of time there. Here's some of my take on what God is doing to help our southern neighbors and free the whole western hemisphere. Follow me on Subscribestar.com for my latest LATIN AMERICA WAR REPORT.

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